Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  Can I join as a free member now and upgrade later?

A. YES! you are welcome join & upgrade later.

Q. Do you have any kind of refund policy?

A. You can read our refund policy in our Terms page click the Terms tab above, or read our Earnings Disclaimer below.

Q. What Processor do you use to accept payments & send withdrawals?

A. We accepted payments with coin payments BTC,BCH and Solid Trust Pay

We also accept credit or debit cards through Stripe But only send witdrawals to BTC,BCH Or Solid Trust Pay!

Q. What is the minimum before i can withdraw here?

A. Our minimum is set to $50.00 BUT 12 days before Xmas we set it to $1 so you can withdraw your Xmas bonus!

Q. What is the cost to go pro.

A. Our pro upgrade is only a $5.25 one-time fee.

Q. My question is not listed above what shall I do?

A.  Email our support by hitting the contact us tab below.

Earnings Disclaimer:

Although the opportunity is unlimited, individual results will vary depending on
commitment levels and sales skills of each participant. As with any business, your
results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience,
expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of
success or income you may experience with our system or Positions. All Purchases
are final. NO REFUNDS!